Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing Exercise - Descriptive Adjectives

Look at this picture of a sailor with a cigarette.  Look at the details of the man's face, the details of his hands, his fingers.  Take note of his facial hair, the creases of his skin and folds of his clothes.  What is he doing? How do you know?  What suggests he is a sailor?  What else do you notice?

First, in the comments box below, write a paragraph describing the man in this picture.  Write like you are telling a blind person about this photo; no detail is too small.  You must paint the whole picture for them. Write at least 5 sentences, using at least 10 different adjectives to describe him/it.  For example "The picture is of a rugged old man as he is lighting his cigarette.  You see his hands cupped in front of his face, smoke billowing away from the thin cigarette in his mouth."  Publish the comment under the name Physical Description.

Second, write a comment describing the personal character of this man (invent it) or of a person whom you know fairly well.  Don't use any names, only personality traits and emotional characteristics.  Say instead "this man..." or "this person is..." and use adjectives like charming, careful, or forgiving.
"This sailor is an honorable man.  He has always been trustworthy, honest, and loyal in our many adventures across the world.  His disarming voice makes even suspicious strangers immediately fond of him.  He is a gifted storyteller and..."
Publish this comment under the name Personal Description.

Click HERE for a list of helpful adjectives.
Or use a Thesaurus to find similar words.
The rules for the use of Commas, HERE.