GED Student Essays

My Experience at the Vineyard
by Chris Christiansen

             I did it for many reasons! First, we got excused from class. The days we went were beautiful weather wise. The definition for foehn, a word I learned from a recent game of Scrabble is: a warm dry wind that blows down the northern slopes of the mountain. That is a perfect description of a mental picture picking grapes those days.

             On break, I sat back and listened to the crisp breeze rattling the leaves on the autumn trees on the horizon. It brought back many childhood memories as I was raised in a rural, rustic area in south eastern Wisconsin. I had come to the vineyard with an open mind to learn new experiences. It was a relaxing twenty to thirty minute ride to and from the vineyard. A beautiful mini mansion at the end of a winding gravel driveway with a cattle farm attached.

The farm was so quaint and cozy, and the family that occupied it lent a feeling of nourishment, compassion, kindness, and strong willed. They seemed very accomplished.  The wife, a wonderful chef, of made us spaghetti sauce from scratch with her own tomatoes! Who has that anymore? To be able to care for her grandchildren, work in the field, and cook for fifteen grown adults plus whatever other errands or duties a woman of her nature would have on a grand farm like that is an accomplished, blessed, experienced, and organized woman. I got a warm, stern, joking sense from the husband, and a warm, cheery, pleasant feeling from the wife and daughter or daughter in-law. The children had faces of curiosity that seemed to ask ”what are all these different people doing at my grandparents house?”

             The long drooping vine aisles, cascading against the rolling hills with a dirt pathway along the fence line perimeter, making way to the driveway that leads to the sidewalk  on the side of the house where there’s a gorgeous Koi pond, gurgling bubbling, trickling waterfall gently declining along the sidewalk onto a decadent patio that leads into the Lunch room. I wish the lunch room was my kitchen. I was in awe at the vision of the Game room/ Wine cellar. “What a house of inspiration!” is all I could think!!    

             The second day I worked here, I had seen an add on Groupon for 60% off of $75.00 org. so like $25.00 for a couple to make their own wine! Now, had I had a car and a liking for wine, I probably would have done the experience all the way until the finish! I would go back and do it again if allowed next year.

             In conclusion, I think the vineyard should contract out some kind of way through the bottling company so others can also have an experience from picking to bottling! It would open a lot of people’s eyes on how hard it is to take care of a Grand Farm of that size.

Mistakes Build A Better Person
By Florence Hernandez
      I am the first to say I have made a lot of mistakes. From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to do whatever I want. I always thought I knew everything. The more things I did, the worse it got. I wanted to be a party girl.
     I got pregnant when I was 16 I was not ready to be a mother but it was time for me to take responsibility and do what I had to do. There was a baby on the way. The party was over. Over the years I wish I would have listened to my mother. Now I have seven children and I love them. 
     The second mistake was that I dropped out of school. Here I am 30 years old. I am trying to change my life around. I want to be a better person and do better for family.  I should, instead of playing around. Now I am just trying and be a good person.
     My third mistake is I used to get in a lot of trouble doing dumb stuff. I was doing things that were not appropriate. The trouble always seem to find me. The friend’s I was hanging out with were not my real friends. They would always get me into trouble. So I stepped back and took a look at my life and I said, “NO MORE”.  It’s time to be the best mother I can be and do right.
     Now, that I am older, I don’t have the time to continue inappropriate behavior. I am trying everyday to do good things. Now, looking back at all the things I have done, I say that if I would have known what I know now,I would have never done half the things I did. The good thing is that my children have a responsible mother and I am trying to better our lives.
     It’s never too late to do what you want with your life. There’s been a lot of other mistakes, but that is why they are called mistakes. It’s a part of life but you learn from them and grow up and better yourself and your life. Mistakes are a part of life. It’s important what you do with them.

Domestic Violence

By Marta Macias

Domestic Violence now a days has become more common  than one would think, many agencies have made women more aware of the help there is.There are Battered Women’s Shelters, advocates that can help you and let you be aware you are not by yourself in this. There are thousands of women who go through some type of violence every day.
I myself have experienced violence throughout my life. I have seen my father beat my mother repeatedly that at times I thought she was dead. I remember at 8yrs old, I jumped in front of the gun so he wouldn’t kill my mother.  The affect it had on me up till this day I still remember.
Now that I have grown  I myself have experienced violence, no matter how hard I tried to find Mr. Right, I always found Mr. Wrong. I found men who had been to prison, guys that were active in crime. Now I understand it’s a cycle we go through, when I was a child my mother couldn’t afford therapy so I grew up thinking it was normal to get hit, to get pushed around and to think we had no say so.
But times have changed there is so much help out there only one could imagine, we don’t have to be victim’s any more, I choose not to be a victim, I say “NO MORE” I have been through enough and, I WILL NOT ALLOW my children to think it’s ok to get hit and it’s not ok for one to hit women/men either way IT’S NOT OK.
If you are a victim always remember we are human and we do have rights, there is people who are willing to help you and it is up to you to decide “IF YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH”  take my advice it will get better it did for me.

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