Thursday, December 29, 2011

Writing Exercise #1 - Introductions

I am a young man interested in continuously learning and growing as a person.  This is why I decided to serve the community through my commitment to AmeriCorps.  Through my service I hope to acquire new skills and experiences that will enrich my life in meaningful and lasting ways.  Already, in my time as a teacher at Neighborhood House I have helped people to learn useful skills and in turn have learned about them and myself.  The differences and shared aspects of our lives have shed light on who we are as a community and who we are as human beings.  I know the experience will influence the decisions I make and the course of my life for years to come as I help to build a supportive global community where we all can thrive.

Please post a comment with an anonymous paragraph about yourself, your goals that have brought you to this class and what you hope to gain from this experience.  Use the following questions to help you develop the paragraph.

1)  What is something in your life you are passionate about, how would you describe yourself in one sentence? (parenthood, equality, learning, meeting people, etc)

2)  How does this thing you are passionate about affect your life? What do you do because you are this way? (volunteering, going to school, working two jobs)

3)  Why are you here in this class?  Why are you studying to get your GED?

4)  What have you learned or gained from your hard work already? (confidence, friends, passed tests)

5)  What do you expect to gain through achieving your GED?  How will it benefit your life?