Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Verbs and Auxiliary Verbs

INSTRUCTIONS:  Correct each of the following sentences by changing the auxiliary verb (do, have, be) and tense.

EXAMPLE: the train have arrived.  -->  the train has arrived

(have, has, do, does, is, am, are)

1.  Do everyone understand?
2.  They has been learning English for two years.
3.  Do you heard that?
4.  My teacher do not eat meat.
5.  The boy are playing with his toys.
6.  What have you doing at the moment?
7.  Amy has not go by bus very often.
8.  The team are not doing well this year.
9.  We are keep record of the scores.
10.  I have working hard to pass my tests.

Type the correct sentences into a Microsoft Word document, then show a teacher your work.  You will not need to save.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Subject and Verb Agreement Quiz

Subject and Verb Agreement Quiz:  

Subject and Verb Agreement

Sunday, February 12th 2012

Dozens of musicians will demonstrates outside the Grammy Awards protesting the Recording Academy’s decision to eliminates dozens of ethnic music award categories, including Hawaiian, Haitian, Cajun, Latin jazz, contemporary blues and regional Mexican. Some protesters sees racial bias in the revisions, others sees them as harmful to low-budget indie labels. Last August, four Latin jazz artists filed a lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court claiming that the dropping of such categories had negatively affected their careers. Oscar Hern├índez one of the musicians who helped organizes the protest and petition. “The Grammys has given me the credibility I need to go forward to do what I do, to do the music that I love, and give me the stamp of credibility across many boundaries,” Hernandez said. “I has traveled all over the world playing my music and it is an important part about what we do.” 

Find the mistaken verb tenses in the above paragraph. Write the verbs in the correct form.
(hint: there are 8)

Post a Comment with answers to the following questions:

1.  Why are there musicians protesting the Grammy Awards?

2.  Who filed a lawsuit against the Grammy Awards?

3.  Who is Oscar Hernandez?